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    Performance Paradox with Customer Reviews

    Written by Envision Horizons
    on December 17, 2019

    When a customer purchases a product from a brand that advertises results -- that customer expects results! Therefore, brands that have products with a performance outcome should focus on educating customers on how to correctly use a product. Also, manage customer expectations to avoid negative reviews.

    Product Purpose

    Products declaring a performance outcome can be supplements that make your hair grow longer, a facial device to help fight wrinkles, or probiotic supplements that help with bloating, to name a few. The more direct the outcome is supposed to be when taking a product, the harsher reviews are going to be. 

    For example, Biotin has really good reviews on Amazon. Majority of people take Biotin for hair growth even though it’s not specifically advertised that way. If you search for a hair growth supplement such as Nutrafol, reviews are significantly lower. Another example is Milk Thistle. Milk Thistle is commonly used for liver health and has a super high rating on Amazon. But, most hangover supplements which are high in Milk Thistle have lower ratings. This is because if a customer is spending major dollars on a product that is claiming it’s sole purpose is hair growth or to cure your hangover, that customer expects major results. 

    Ultimately, the more expensive the product the better you expect the performance to be and the harsher a customer is going to be on reviewing that product.

    Managing Expectations

    To win with a performance product, be sure to educate customers on how to properly use a product and outcome expectations. This includes how long it’s going to take to see performance and how often you should take the product to see results. Always be transparent and never claim your product can do something it cannot. As a customer, there should also be an understanding that every person is different. Due to whatever reason, a certain product might not work for you. As a brand, you’ll need to assume some customers still may not use your product properly, yet will still expect results. Have a customer team always ready to combat negative reviews.