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    Amazon One Click Review System

    Written by MJ Johnson
    on February 11, 2020

    If there is one thing we all know about Amazon, it’s that customer purchasing decisions rely heavily on a products ratings. That’s why Amazon has been testing an easier way for people to leave product feedback with the launch of one click ratings last year. Customers who don’t have the time, energy or interest in writing reviews are encouraged to still share their opinion about the product, which benefits the larger Amazon community of shoppers. Now, Amazon created a system within Seller Central where brands can send review request emails to customers directly from Amazon instead of it coming from the Seller.

    State of Customer Reviews

    Before we jump into the new program, let’s take it back to October 2016 when Amazon first changed the original policy. They updated the terms whereas products could no longer get incentivized reviews. Read more on the “State of Customer Reviews” in a previous blog post on our site. 

    In response, a sub industry within the Amazon ecosystem of automated review requests and feedback software companies such as FeedbackFive, FeedbackWhiz, FeedbackExpress, to name a few, were developed. 

    Through Amazon’s buyer messaging platform, messages were sent from the Seller to the customer asking for a review. You were never able to use it for marketing purposes or to drive traffic to your own website. But, over the last few years, Amazon has been putting even more limitations on what these feedback software companies can actually do. Such as, you can only reach out to a customer twice. This prevents customers from being harrassed by sellers asking for reviews.

    One Click Review

    More recently, Amazon created a system within Seller Central where brands can send review request emails to customers directly from Amazon instead of it coming from the Seller. In the past, although emails were going through Amazon's buyer messaging platform, it said “a message from the Seller.” Now, these are one click review opportunities. The Seller can go in and click “review request” within Seller Central and a message will go out from Amazon and allow customers to review a product with “one click.”

    With the new system, we expect brands will receive more reviews because it’s an easier process for the customer to quickly click. Amazon can optimize their site so well because they have one click to purchase and now one click to review. In general, the review rate should increase. 

    How it works:

    1. Customer makes a purchase
    2. Customer receives an email directly from Amazon 
    3. Customer clicks the stars directly in the email 
    4. Customer is directed to a page where they are again presented with the stars and as soon as they click them it is submitted instantly to a sellers page as a ‘rating without a written review attached’ 
    5. Customers then have the option to leave a full review should they wish however this step is not mandatory.

    Our team confirmed the one-click review was submitted on the “Review Your Purchases Page.” When you visit this page you can see that you left a star rating and are again given an option to leave a written review.

    Limiting Customer Dialogue

    What we are predicting is that Amazon will eventually shut down the concept of Sellers reaching out and requesting reviews using third party softwares. Customers are already able to opt out of receiving these messages so now they’ve created more hurdles for the Sellers themselves to have a dialogue with the customer unless the customer reaches out. Being that we have our own feedback software, we estimate that over 40% of customers opt out of receiving buyer messages from Sellers.

    What we foresee happening is that Amazon will stop the ability for Sellers to engage with customers. Sellers will only be able to answer questions if a customer asks and engages the seller in conversation first. They are slowly working this into their system to shut off the review request from the Sellers and have it be more controlled by Amazon through this new system they’ve released in the last few months.


    Even though we built our own internal system to send buyer messages, we as a company have decided to proactively shut down our buyer messages because we foresee Amazon shutting it down anyways. We are fully invested in the one click review rating system.

    We believe one click reviews will result in a higher purchase to review ratio. The ease of a one click review should generate a higher "review conversion.” We saw this when Amazon one click to purchase skyrocketed conversion rates on Amazon product detail pages.

    In the coming months, we predict an increase in positive reviews. A study shown on said that when a customer has a negative experience they will tell 10-15 people while only one in 10 customers will share a positive experience. 

    Stay tuned!